Life, Death, and How They Came to Be 

When Life was just a child, she tugged on Death’s sleeve and asked, “Brother, why is the sky so dim?”


The Notorious Knine (teaser)

Chapter 1 Responsibility is a bitch, isn’t it? My whole life was mapped out for me even before my conception and the details of my birth, childhood, and role in society have been fashioned specifically to accommodate what would eventually be my downfall. But I’ll get to that part later. I’ve learned soon enough that … Continue reading The Notorious Knine (teaser)

The Devil’s Gate

It was a normal day. The outside world hummed the same tune as always. The mailman delivered the post at exactly 8:30 and the sound of wind clap and padding paws greeted me as I awoke from a dreamless night. It was another Tuesday of another month set in motion by the rotation of a universe I thought I knew so well.