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Inevitable Lessons of Being A Sad Girl

Much of what I've presented so far may seem preachy coming from a 21 year-old who still has so much left to experience. I have no idea if I'll come back to this and find that all I've written contradicts what I will learn in the following years. Or maybe I won't. I don't really know and that's okay.

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2017 Was Dramatic AF: A watered down reflection of my year and maybe some insight (but probably not)

2017 has been a year full of growth and revelations. Which really doesn't make it all that special because my dramatic ass has been "coming to realizations" every other month. My life is really just one existential crises after the other.

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We Should Be More Like Butterflies

Do you ever look at a butterfly and notice its translucent wings of various hues and patterns? It flutters in the sunlight and its beauty is striking. We marvel at the hands of nature, so skilled and brilliant to be able to create a creature so immaculate. Yet, when we look at a caterpillar, often times, we view it only as what it can be, not what it is.

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Growing Older, But Not That Much Wiser (?)

Constantly being asked what I want to do in life and what my plans are for the future. And I realize that this is a question that’s been asked to us since we could walk, talk, and perceive what the world could offer, so really, what’s the big deal? The difference is that now we are no longer kids and our answer to this question really matters.

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Why Finding Yourself Is Bullshit

“Finding yourself” is bullshit. Sorry to rain on your parade or diminish the purpose of your “spontaneous” week long “adventure” to some third world country slumming it with the locals while you play barefoot soccer with children in Yemen, Angola, or Cambodia, hoping that they’ll teach you to find happiness in the little things. News flash! These people are starving, thirsty, probably landlocked, and their lives should not be romanticized. You’re not going to find yourself doing yoga on the summit of a mountain or some valley hidden in the depths of foliage, where birds fly overhead trying to find the best place to drop their shit while you try to find your “inner peace.”

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Why There’s No Such Thing As The “Right Choice”

We've all seen that movie with the old guy who puts his hand on a younger man's shoulder and says, "You made the right choice, son," and because of dramatic irony, we can so clearly tell that no, the guy actually did not make the right choice. In fact he made a terrible decision which… Continue reading Why There’s No Such Thing As The “Right Choice”